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Ownership In Selfhood – Poetry by Damali Rose Xion

No one will ever really get you dear one.You live up to your word

You switch and change with 

The weather

And yet it is still your truth

You are

Impossible to get all of

Except with your own


Stop seeking to be accepted

Love that you are this mystery ocean bottom

Talk less

Open more to your

Own mysteries.

-Damali Rose Xion

Bee You (Sweet One) – Poetry by Damali Rose Zion

When was the last time you let yourself



When did you laugh for you?

When did you masturbate for you?

Touch yourself.

Hold you in your palm

Your heart

Your ethers


You’re much too vast to be held by so small

So do it

Hold yourself

How it scares you

Do what you’ve never done

Be who you’ve yet to have been


Hermit Thoughts – Poetry by Damali Rose Zion

To put it mildly, I’ve become THAT person.

The one who ignores texts and doesn’t answer when you call.

The one who doesn’t leave the house for anyone

The one who doesn’t engage unless it holds benefit

The one who cries at how far humanity has to elevate

The one who works hard for self and not for capitalist ventures

The one who masturbates because reclaim is better than transfer

The one who.

The one who.

The one who.

I am finally that person.

Shall we embrace?

You Don’t Look Black (What People Say to Separate)

I had a person say to me this week,

“You don’t look black”.

It was in the heat of bed and I should have known some stupid

shit like that was bound to come out in the midst of hide and seek but I thought


But yea, it was said and in my head I was ready to shoot out what the old me would have


The fuck you mean?

I don’t look like straight out of Africa? Well then you tell me, what does straight out of Africa look like?

Black Lives Matter

When on a Saturday night it all catches up with you.

You cry for the black people dead today.

You cry for the black people dead this week.

You cry for the black people dead this month.

You cry for the black people dead this year.

You cry so much that you fear you won’t stop.

Until you do.

You are not numb.

Continue on.

You don’t have a choice.

When Brown Girls Seek (For Black Girls Who Rock)

When you seek out your sister

do not present your


as a wall.

Don’t you see?

both of you hurt

both of you seek

both of you cry

Instead, walk into her arms

with hope

with joy

with exhaltation

The evil has not won.

You are here.

Make yourselves dinner.

Make yourselves lemonade.




Remember that love keeps you alive for this moment and for the moments that follow