Queen Status: Healing the World Within

Hello Blogosphere! This week has been incredibly beautiful and eye opening. The title of today’s post came from this weekend. I was walking down the block in Brooklyn and a young black man simply said “Peace, Queen” and I responded “Peace, King”. The beauty in a simple acknowledgement. But just acknowledging isn’t enough. What does it mean to live up to those titles?

Let’s start at the beginning. “Woke” black people all over America have dubbed themselves Kings and Queens. You’ve probably heard it in Neo-Soul, on the radio, and in films.  This came about in the 60’s and 70’s when black became beautiful, natural hair was a must and James Brown’s “Say it Loud” played freely on the radio. Black American people reclaimed their sense of self with these titles. To acknowledge each other as African Kings and Queens meant that we were more than just stolen people, we were the highest of the high…royalty. Post slavery, reconstruction and the turn of the century, we had been beaten down as a people, both mentally and physically. The 60’s was a time of taking it back. Studying ourselves and our history became paramount to our survival. 

This is beautiful, however, what does this mean now, in the world as we know it today? King and Queen come from the European ideal. We all know what feudal Europe was like  because that’s all the history we learned in school. We learn about European history first because of white privilege and I personally have NO desire to express myself with such terms. I was told recently that “King” and “Queen” come from Asiatic titles, namely “Qing” which has a specific vibrational meaning. That, to me, feels right. Elevation, feels purposeful and very much like home. To acknowledge someone as King or Queen is to adhere to the European standard. The Queen is always less than with no real power to rule, despite the presence of female rulers for millenia. Those titles have been gendered and in many ways bastardized. I prefer Qing in all it’s vibrational, androgynous glory. 

So what does it mean then to have “Qing” status? Is it like being a Queen? Well, what did the young man mean when he called me Queen? I choose to think of it as a sign of respect, but also a sign of “sight”, of acknowledging strength, beauty, wisdom and most of all knowledge of self. When I look in the mirror and say the same to myself, what am I saying? Acknowledge my own greatness first. My own femininity, masculinity, heart, womb, mind, body, soul, essence, ether. This is a Queen. This is a “Qing”. This is wholeness and purity. Being purely who I am, unashamed, unapologetically. 
Many black people are looking for the next step. Where do we go from here? We continue to live in a world that suggests that we look outside. We look to clothes, shoes, material wealth, monetary value and romantic relationships. But what if the next step is to look within, cultivate our divinity and heal ourselves? With our own healing, we can in turn, heal the world. 

Peace Qings,
Damali Speaks Xx


Let Us Not Forget: Meditations on How and When to Slow Down and Live in Truth

Hay Blogosphere! The last time we spoke in this fashion, I was just about to venture to New York City. Well, here I am in NYC, setting up my apartment, working all the time on myself, my elevation, and my art. It’s been a while since I’ve posted anything in a political vein. I think I let that part of myself disappear a little bit because frankly, I’d much rather live with all of my energy intact and too much of my energy was sacrificed in moments of speaking politically and critically. I do realize that being an activist is a deep part of myself and in the wake of the Womens’ March on Washington and other cities and talks of intentional spaces devoted to all women, I found myself sliding back into the thoughts that I once loved so very much. Talking about injustice and working toward the collective human experience go hand in hand in my spirit. So what is the topic today, you ask? The topic of today is about not forgetting the truth, the importance of knowing  your spirit and listening when the universe says to slow down.

In this particular world that we live in, we all hold different identities. While some of us hold fast to these labels, others of us don’t. But society likes to define us human beings in gender, sex, “race”, socioeconomic stature and more. The further breakdown encompasses “what we do”, our hobbies, our bread and butter, our talents, what makes us money. Somewhere thousands of years ago, somehow those designated sexually as male, decided to oppress those sexually designated as female. Through centuries of perfection of the system, we have patriarchy as it exists today. Separated into categories mentioned previously, there developed the hierarchy according to “race” and sex, etc. This applies to the Womens Marches because every time women as an oppressed group gather to voice, somehow, white women are always the loudest voice. Until this changes, where can a movement of womens’ concerns go? Until all women are truly listened to and accepted for the magnificent Goddess deity’s that we are, how can we instill change? The short answer being that we can’t, and that is why very little progress for all women’s rights has truly taken flight across the globe, not just in the United States but elsewhere as well.

Since exploring the self love journey and truly seeing where the rabbit hole goes, I’m learning how to listen when the universe says to slow down. Lately, I’ve been doing a lot of work, and very little slow down, with vampire hours of operation. Although this feels good because I love working for myself, this can sometimes facilitate a work into a whole. There are lots of ways in which the universe facilitates a slow down. It always takes me a huge whammy because as my mother says, “A hard head makes a soft behind.” So today while making a smoothie, I cut my finger. I mean, cut into, lots of blood, hand taped up cut. Did I really need any other message for slowing all the way down? Nope! I could say,  woe is me, I can’t draw or write for at least a week, but that’s boring. I can still type, drive and truly exercise my ambidextrous nature!

When the Universe forcefully places things in our path, how well do we adapt? Human beings are natural adaptors. We either adapt or die. We see it all the time in survival films and tv shows. We go back to our natural state of being and adapt, move forward. Meanwhile, as we survive, we forget about how important it is to thrive. On this incredible journey of life, let nothing stop you from your dreams and needs. Constantly challenge yourself to adapt, breathe and move at a pace that you set for yourself.


Love always,

Damali Speaks Xx


Hermit Thoughts – Poetry by Damali Rose Zion

To put it mildly, I’ve become THAT person.

The one who ignores texts and doesn’t answer when you call.

The one who doesn’t leave the house for anyone

The one who doesn’t engage unless it holds benefit

The one who cries at how far humanity has to elevate

The one who works hard for self and not for capitalist ventures

The one who masturbates because reclaim is better than transfer

The one who.

The one who.

The one who.

I am finally that person.

Shall we embrace?

On Definitions, Artistry & Trusting the Process

Hello Blogosphere! What are weeks in this world that we live in? I’m loving the fact that each week is so very different from the last and when I sit down to write this, I’m incredibly inspired just from my experiences of the last 7 days. Alrighty! What happened this week, you ask? Well, it was full, I’ll tell you that much. The topic of this week involves definition of self, the cycle of life and trusting the process of finding yourself.

I’ve always had a hard time defining myself. I like to live in the undefined because secretly, I have a hatred of words. It sometimes feels like the language in speaking is exhausting rather than exhilarating which makes me the quiet entity that I am. I would much rather take my time to formulate my thoughts. Thoughts are deceiving. If I said out loud everything that crossed my mind, I dunno what the world would be like for me. Chaotic maybe? Taking the time to dig into myself and to sort my thoughts before I speak them gives me the good sense to know who I am, truly.

Definitions are boxes that I prefer to live out of. This would be great, if I wasn’t an artist and if building a business didn’t require me to label myself for convenience and building a following. Every day that I leave my house, I as a human being on the earth, am forced to define myself. I’m an artist, theater artist, singer, dancer, choreographer, artistic director, director, playwright, etc. All these labels do nothing but exhaust me and half the time I don’t actually feel like I embody any and all of them. So how do we find the freedom? How do we truly know who we are albeit the thoughts and words that we speak?

Finding myself requires a constant state of observation. Lately, I’ve found myself saying that I want to crawl inside myself, set up a shelf and build a home. In doing this introspective work, I’ve found that I have a real affinity for animal spirits. It’s funny, as New Age as I am, I can sometimes shy away from the stuff that seems “too new agey” and animal spirits was one of them. After literally growling at my friend the other day, I took notice and decided to do some research. We as human beings are in a constant state of flux. We have to allow the space where we are and where we want to be to invigorate us, otherwise we fall into the trap and never come out again. Who am I today? Who have I been? Who do I want to be?

Someone once told me that life is formulated in cycles. Whoever came up with the circle of life via Lion King circa 90’s needs a raise. The cycle of death and rebirth is constant from the time we’re born to the time that we die and even after. It’s a giant circle. Lately, I’ve had the impulse to hold a baby. I realized that baby was and is myself. I’m being reborn into a new cycle of myself. Why do I say all this? Well now I have to find out who I am as an artist. Yes. I am an artist. I am a multi-talented artist. Now what? Dig deeper.


Damali Speaks Xx

Establishing Womb, Home & Center: Meditations on Change and Self

Hey yo Blogosphere! I know, that title is a little daunting and you’re probably wondering what in the world I’m about to write about. Well, a “new year” brings with it new revelations as well as new waves of energy to be used. Whether used for ill or well, the energy demands that it be used. How is the question isn’t it?

I haven’t spoken about my sexual assault history for a long time, mostly because I’m at a place where it no longer plagues my life. I’ve made peace with it and choose to live in forgiveness. I learned from the experience. But, one of the hardest parts of living as a survivor of sexual assault for me was the healing. I will be in a process of healing for the rest of my life. Does that make me angry? It did. Does it make me exhausted? It used to. Does this all make me human? Even more so. We are in control of what the universe sends to us, and when we aren’t we can choose how to build and grow from the experience. I am not a victim. I was sexually assaulted, and I choose to build myself, grow and to support others as we continue to live on this misogynistic plane. We must embrace our own forms of healing, because the only person who can heal us is ourselves.

Part of my healing process has been to embrace my womb, the womb that was taken forcefully and yet is still very much mine.  Looking at how we do healing in the US, I seem to have been steering away from your classic therapy. I’ve found some of my most healing moments not in group sessions or one-on-one meetings with a trained therapist, but in spaces devoted to yoga, meditation, crystals, masturbation, and journaling, etc. to have all been very healing for me. We find our healing in different ways. Sometimes, talking through the pain and the illogical findings of the brain are what’s best, and other times, I have to find my own way through the trauma with physicality, warm spaces and tears. All are valid. All are sacred. Most importantly, all are what I need for myself and given to myself freely and with nothing but love.

For some people, healing involves completely abstaining from sex. For others, it involves having a lot of sex. Sex with a womb that needs healing can be daunting. I know that when I was having frequent sex, I personally found myself having to stop sometimes because of an on-coming panic attack or just feeling a memory and being caught in the flashback. It’s hard and it’s something that isn’t really talked about. We must be patient with ourselves through the pain and embrace the pleasure of our own energy. I give myself the permission to wake up, to be power-full, to embrace all of myself.

I’ve said it before in other posts, but home for me is myself. Wherever I am is home because I am home inside of myself. I want to open myself up like a book, look around, carve a little shelf and go to sleep in my own warmth. In doing this, I’ve found who I am and just what it is that I’m capable of. I’m an artist in so many ways, a writer, a dancer, an alchemist, a creator, and so much more. We must heal ourselves, we must reclaim our energy, we must move forward. Live in the truth. Stand in your truth. Stand in your light.

Love always,

Damali Speaks Xx